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History of ADANI is associated with the development and production of compact analytical instruments. Competence, experience, creativity, innovative approach and involvement of the team allow ADANI to be the one of world’s leading suppliers of Electron Paramagnetic (Spin) Resonance - EPR (ESR) systems and Spectrometers through years.


An innovative idea to create a commercial compact research grade EPR (ESR) Spectrometer with parameters satisfying a wide class research and applications was realized by the team of scientists at Nuclear Physics Department of Belarusian State University what was grown then to become ADANI company. Due to the compact size, light weight and low cost the EPR (ESR) Spectrometer was available to every academic laboratory.

Today, we are proud that more than 350 EPR (ESR) Sepectrometers have been installed in the leading laboratories around the world.

Currently, EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy is again getting popular technique among researchers due to its wide utilization in many areas of science for deep study of the substances structure and for new materials development. EPR (ESR) Spectrometer ADANI CMS 8400 provides this research and allows to explore a wide class of subjects (liquid, solid) at different temperature ranges (from liquid nitrogen temperature to a high temperature catalytic reactions).

Unique ability to detect free radicals and other reactive species with EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy makes CMS 8400 Spectrometer an essential tool for pharmaceutical, biomedical and other applications. The Spectrometer high sensitivity and resolution comparable with the parameters of large EPR (ESR) Spectrometers, ease of handling and maintenance allows scientists to make the routine experiments and reduce the maintenance costs and consumption of material resources.


Development of compact instrument for radiological monitoring of food and building materials by ADANI was a response on a high demand for such devices after the Chernobyl accident. More than 5,000 units of Gamma-ray Spectrometer RUG 91 and RUG 91M were sold to the markets of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.)

These Gamma-ray Spectrometers successfully solved the screening problem of radiological control and customers found them as accurate, reliable and easy to use tool.

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan the production of new model of Gamma-ray Spectrometer RUG 91-2 was restarted on the base of experience and new electronic technologies.

More than 30 units of RUG 91-2 Spectrometers are working now in the laboratories of the Prefecture Fukushima and around it.



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