PowDiX 600 diffraction instrument

- Compact design
- Safety guaranteed
- Theta/Theta geometry
- Fast measurements
- Analytical software included


The POWDIX 600 is a benchtop powder X-ray diffractometer designed to meet expectations in its performance and effectiveness. User-friendly and intuitive it makes the measurement process simple to everyone. You will not spend much time to learn how to use it. No annoying and time-consuming alignment required – it is accurately pre-aligned at the plant. With its compact design and light weight, it can be easily placed on a desktop. No requirements for cooling water and single phase power supply allow to install the instrument in any laboratory.

POWDIX 600 X-ray diffraction instrument is purposely designed to enormously accelerate measurements with its state-of-the-art Dectris 1D detector. The samples can be characterized in minutes rather than in hours. Reliable and accurate material analysis for all your needs is provided by flexible architecture. The precision is better than ±0.02 2θ for all accessible angular range. 

POWDIX 600 is a powerful analytical means, yet designed as a cost-effective solution. It can dramatically extend the X-ray tube lifetime by its low power load.



 Anode voltage  40 kV
 Anode current  15 mA
 Power  600 W
 Target  Cr, Fe, Co, Cu, Mo
 Focal spot  0.4×8 mm
 Take-off angle  6°
 Shutter  magnetic kind, on the tube housing
 Cooling system  closed-circuit internal


 Type  vertical, θ-θ
 Radius  150 mm
 Scanning range  -3° to +74° (θ)
 Gear ratio  1:180
 Full step  0.004° (θ)
 Microstep (1/20 of a full step)  0.0002° (θ)
 Positioning accuracy  <0.01° in θ
 Scanning speed  0.01-600°/min (θ)


 Linear silicon strip detector      640 sensors, variable actual number of sensors used (1-640)   


1. Operator’s software with full hardware control
2. Data analysis software ALMAZ:
  • preprocessing, peak search
  • phase identification and quantification
  • phase properties (cell parameters,crystallite size, and lattice strain)
  • crystal structure determination and refinement
LINEV PowDiX 600/300
LINEV PowDiX 600/300
LINEV PowDiX 600/300
LINEV PowDiX 600/300
LINEV PowDiX 600/300
LINEV PowDiX 600/300
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