EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy

The NEW EPR (ESR) Spectrometer SPINSCAN X

ADANI is pleased to announce the capability of new generation of bench top X- band electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer

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New designed machine ADANI SPINSCAN X delivers powerful performance and extremely compact size, low weight and, most importantly, at minimized costs.
  • Cavity Q factor and MW power measurement;
  • Magnetic field modulation – 10 kHz - 250 kHz;
  • Phase detection range 0-3600;
  • First and second harmonics detection (in phase and out of phase);
  • Amplitude resolution 24 bit;
  • Broad signal channel dynamic range - digitization up to 140 dB in one scan;
  • High magnetic field resolution - up to 256 000 pts for any sweep range;
  • Automatic self- test of system;
  • 2D - experiments ( magnet field vs MW power, temperature, angle);
  • Interface via Ethernet;
  • New ADANI e-Spinoza Software– comprehensive user-oriented software kit with functions for acquisition and mathematic treatment;
  • New ergonomic design.


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ADANI EPR Spectroscopy
ADANI EPR Spectroscopy
ADANI EPR Spectroscopy
ADANI EPR Spectroscopy
ADANI EPR Spinscan X
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