EPR Glassware and Accessories

   Quartz tube (standard) O.D. 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm
Holders of tubes and accessories
   Holders of tubes and accessories (Dewar insert, cell and etc.)
Disposable-PTFE    Disposable, PTFE and gas-tight caps for tubes of different diameter
Precision sample holder    Precision sample holder
   Capillaries O.D. 1 mm L=100 mm
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar flask
   Liquid Nitrogen Dewar flask (50 mm, 150 mm volume; only for the temperature -    196 ˚C (77 K); symmetric/offset)
Transport Dewar for Liquid
   Transport Dewar for Liquid Nitrogen 25 liters
Electrochemistry cell EC
   Electrochemistry cell EC-EPR100 and accessories
Alanine dosimeters TapeTabs
   Alanine dosimeters: TapeTabs, strips (pellets), AiG (Alanine in Glass)
Alanine dosimetry holders
   Alanine dosimetry holders
Cavity Aqueous Cell
   Cavity Aqueous Cell (Flat cell)
Tissue Sample Cell
   Tissue Sample Cell. Includes 0.5mm deep well for thick samples
Quartz Variable temperature Dewar insert
   Quartz Variable temperature Dewar insert with build-in heater and thermocouple
High temperature Suprasil
   High temperature Suprasil Dewar insert